Have you touched yourself?

Hey Butter Babies!


I'm the  Shea Butter Ladi,

 a Reiki Master and  a Massage therapist, here  to provide healing  in many forms.   I put my healing energy in everything I do.


Love yourself, and touch yourself daily to heal your skin. 

Healing Services


Arlene Brooks

Reiki Healing

My experience with the shea butter ladi was my first reiki session, it was amazing. As I lay there focusing on the darkness I begin to experience colors of purple from the left side of my eyes. I begin to see colors of white spilling from the purple that was captivating! I was also seeing green. She unblocked my heart  chakra. I now have love in my life and now in a relationship that came in the same month.


Paula Jackson

Massage Therapy

Sta'Cie is my personal massage therapist, after my breast reduction I had scar tissue on my left side, which was limiting my range of motion. After a few sessions with her I was able to gain full range of motion on my left arm.


Eugene Byrd

Reiki Healing

In my Reiki Session it felt like a weight was being lifted off o